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Foods Diabetics Can Eat – A Survey on Oranges

Posted Dec 26 2011 8:18am
People who have developed diabetes are always worried of their body’s condition with increased blood sugar. Many of them are confused on what foods diabetics can eat. To be in clear terms, they have the anxiety of eating oranges from the list of fruits. With high blood sugar, attention on what can diabetics eat for bringing down the increased sugar levels to normalcy, and then managing the level constant. Keeping the sugar levels out of control may cause many risks internally associated to prime organs of the body. Here it’s for specification that choosing food for diabetics to eat should be to keep normal blood sugar levels.

How much fruits diabetics can eat in a day?

For a minimum requirement of carb count, just one serving of fruit will suffice the body’s need. Diabetics who burn 1600 to 2000 calories in a day should have at least three fruit servings. If the calories are adjusted with 1200 to 1600, two servings of fruits are needed. As fruits contain carbohydrates, balancing with protein or fat is necessary. As any food diabetics can eat should be with 60gms of carb at each meal, attention should be paid on other carb counts of foods including orange after meal. Normally, it will be benefitting the diabetics if oranges are consumed two or three times in a week. This diabetes diet is recommended for the excellent nutrients values of oranges. Oranges contain potassium and folate which come for help in keeping normal blood pressure.

Health values of oranges:

It is good news that oranges top the diabetic food list of healthy citrus fruits. Apart from this health values, they contain nutritious components that help build healthy muscles and bones. There is a research opinion that anyone without diabetes who cares to eat 2 to 4 apples a day can lower risks of acquiring diabetes. So, it is best suggested that a diabetic enjoys these nutrients in oranges and avoids taking pills or supplements. However, consuming oranges in juice form is not recommended.

Glycemic index and fiber:

The glycemic index of orange is around 5, and it is comparatively very low. So, eating one orange causes a bare minimum of blood sugar rise. The fiber source contained in oranges helps normalize blood sugar as the absorption of fiber into the bloodstream is slowed. It also helps a lot to improve digestive system while Vitamin C offers good support for immune system. This low carb is gained from 15 grams of carbohydrates with 62 calories. Just 15gms carb fruits with low GI can give 60 calories for energy turn out.

A short guide in general:

You are safe if you choose eating oranges and apples as well rather than chocolate, chips or crackers for snacking. Similar foods diabetics can eat like oranges are grapefruits, lemons, and limes. Among oranges, Clementines are the smallest that are perfect for packing and snacking. Taking plenty of citrus through oranges ensures the growth of stronger bones. A report of recent research claims that oranges contain an ingredient called nobiletin that prevents fat to build up in the bloodstream.
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