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Flashback Friday [the 13th]: Child's Play

Posted Mar 13 2009 3:11pm

Welcome to Flashback Friday! Today's entry is from my other blog; posted on 2/24/06. Hard to believe I'm now an aunt to a new little niece, who celebrated her one month birthday yesterday, and that Max is (almost) five! It's weird how the kids keep growing up, but we remain ageless, isn't t? Enjoy!

  I got up early this morning to watch the MLB game. All you Sox fans would be happy to know that despite the great Taiwanese pitcher, Wong, the Yankees lost the game against the Rays. Still, it was fun to watch some of it. I had a chance to talk to two of my best friends in Maine.

It felt so nice to be able to chat and just relate, to have someone to get me and my sense of humor. It was nice to feel understood, completely and totally, and to not try hard to explain anything. [The D-OC makes me feel this way] Even though they've never left the country, they have the ability to put themselves in my shoes and imagine what it might be like for me, if not the daily life, at least the internal feelings, which are the most important anyway.

We talked about kids, and having children. T. has two little ones, and Jill is ge tting married soon and approaching that time in her life when children are a feasible option. It made me think about my own future and if I see children on the horizon. The short answer is yes. I don't know when or how, but I have that desire inside me to give birth to a child and to experience all that comes along with being a mother. I look forward to that day with a bit of trepidation and gleeful anticipation, though right now it seems so far off that I can't really put a clear focus on it.

I know that it is something I want for myself, but only if both baby and I could be optimally healthy and the circumstances were right, with things falling into place accordingly. Diabetes throws wrench in plans at times, and while many have healthy diabetic pregnancies, I'd hate if anything were to happen to me or the baby. I don't want to be selfish and have a child just for the sake of having a child. It must be right and good not just for myself, but for the child, too. I don't want to let my own personal issues or struggles affect the life of an innocent child. Anyway, I'm almost 30. May 20th is coming soon, so my mind is wandering to all this adult crap. hah...30 is still young, but it ain't exactly quarter-life anymore.

I talked to my sister yesterday and she had my two nephews with her, Max and Elliott. Gosh, they are so darn cute. I could just eat them up! It's funny, Max is like a little R achel; he really has her temperment and he's such a little devil (in a good way). Elliott is really coming into his own with his strong personality and his willful ways. I see him as a strong, adorable and funny little guy. I'm so excited to watch them both continue to grow and bloom. I hate being so far away. They change so much as time goes on. I can't believe Max is already three years old! It doesn't seem possible.

Well, I've got to teach class in bit...More later!
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