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Finals, Travel & Weddings

Posted Oct 08 2008 9:45am
Wow - talk about getting triple teamed by bloods sugar demons! Last Friday began our finals for Q1 at Darden, right after I finished our hellish marketing exam I hoped on a plane to fly to Geneva, NY for one of my best friend's wedding. The lack of sleep, amount of travel and excess of wine has shot my blood sugars through the roof. Although the combination of those things had me looking like this:

So with that combination my blood sugar has hit 300 a couple times over the past few days, and all day Monday I was above 200. I'm playing with my basals and bolus rates to try and figure out what is going on. Each morning during my first class my blood sugar has spiked 100 to 150 points even though I'm only having 2 slices of whole wheat toast for breakfast - so I'm thinking it's more a basal issue than a bolus issue. Hopefully after a few workouts it will go back down - or after I'm done with finals hell.
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