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Digging Through Stuff

Posted Jan 14 2009 8:21pm
We have termites. Yuck. A carpenter is coming next week to cut out a piece of the wall to see if there is damage there. The termite blasters are coming to blast the termites. The play room has to have the rug pulled up to look for damage & points of entry. Ugh. So today we spent a lot of time purging old toys, storing some things temporarily in boxes, and adding to our growing yard sale pile.

I found my old sketch book. Something you don't know about me. I like to draw. I love to draw. I kept a sketch book for a long time, as well as a notebook to catch whatever creative poem pieces might pop out during the day. I loved to draw faces, and loved the way faces could be built out of light and shadows.

I always thought I would do something creative for a living. Drawing, writing, acting -- I enjoyed them all and never figured out which one I liked the most. But I thought that my life's work would eventually incorporate one of these. Somehow, that hasn't worked out. Yet I tell myself that it is never too late to make a change. My parents insisted that following an artistic life was all fine and well, but it wouldn't pay the bills, so it was important to learn how to do practical things, like typing & math. Now my job mostly concerns typing and math, and it makes me sad.

Don't get me wrong. I know they meant this out of love and concern. You need to support yourself. You might break your arm -- you need health benefits. Gawd, do I know now how important good health benefits are! So I understand. Yet.

I promise to encourage my children to follow their heart, to find what it is that they love to do and pursue it with all their might. You can waste a lot of years being practical. But time spent doing what you love to do, increasing your depth of knowledge, learning your craft -- that time is never wasted.

I was thinking about the person who is coming next week to chase out the termites. What did he want to do when he was a kid? Did he bring bugs home in a box to show to his parents? Is he living his dream?

Are you living your dream? I hope you are. I hope to live mine soon, too.
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