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Diabetics Can Lower Blood Sugar Levels With Diet – The Best 5 Foods

Posted Mar 22 2010 9:46am
Though diabetes is a deadly disease or disorder of the body, you have remedies and treatments to control blood sugars in your body. A diabetic can reduce blood sugars and maintain a normal glucose range between 70 and 150mg/dl without medicine. Here are five best foods for diabetics suggested to lower blood sugar levels.

Carb foods: Carb foods are rich source of energy needed for the body. When you eat too many carbs in one go the sugars are stored as excess energy otherwise known as FAT. Because of this fat storage, the digestion system gets fatigue when over loaded. Consequently your blood glucose levels may shoot up. As such it’s advisable to consume right amount of low carb foods to keep balance of blood glucose levels. Be sure, the white bread snacks, pasta, and rice based diets are high carb foods to lower blood glucose levels.

Fiber rich foods: Consuming foods high in fiber is good for diabetics as they can lower the risk of kidney damage, heart problem, and stroke. High fiber foods contain many of the valuable nutrients that can help improve your health by reducing the sugars with easy go. You should grab more fiber component by eating whole grain foods, oatmeal, cereal, and brown rice. Fresh fruits and vegetables of all colors with less sugar are best suggested for diabetics.

Healthy fat diets: For diabetics, FAT is a NO as it can form high cholesterol that cannot be helping to reduce sugar intake in the blood stream. However, you need certain amount of fat too. But the fats you consume with your daily foods should be lean and legitimate just to your need. You can have one teaspoon vegetable oil like olive oil or canola. When you choose fat diets, the amount of fat intake in a day should be very small and not to take every day.

Food size and servings: The most significant point to mention here is the balance of the volume of food intake you have daily and the number of servings. There should be a contrast between these two to cater the need for total calories for the day. It’s best suggested to have small size of meals but increased servings to be 4 to 6 in a day for lowering blood sugar levels.

Protein foods: Protein helps building the muscles and bones of your body. Protein foods do not elevate blood glucose as the carb foods do. If the carbs are serving as fuel, the proteins are to build your body.
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