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Diabetic Foods to Eat For Type 2 Diabetes

Posted Oct 15 2009 10:04pm
Diabetes is the most common disease that prevails all over the countries. There is no age for diabetes to occur. However, children acquire this disease mostly due to hereditary factor. For adult onset diabetes, early symptoms can be identified and proper medication can be started. This is otherwise called as type 2 diabetes or diabetes mellitus. A Type 2 diabetic patient has excess glucose in his blood stream. It is to be remembered that medication alone cannot suffice for controlling blood sugar levels. There are specific diabetic foods to eat recommended for type 2 diabetes.

As all others, diabetic patients should not eat foods as they like with own choice. Consulting a doctor is essential, and only selected foods recommended by the dieticians should be taken. There are restrictions to the amount of foods to consume and the items of foods to select. He can control blood glucose with proper diet along with some medication, home based or synthetic in nature. The choice of foods should be according to the diabetic condition and body type. There are best foods to eat for diabetics. To be safe, a patient prone to type 2 diabetes should have a diabetic diet plan for ready reference.

The diabetes diet plan should be obtained from a dietician after proper diagnosis of the disease condition. The plan is charted out in such a way that the list of foods can give the daily requirement of calorie intake. The foods consumed should be sufficient for energizing the body physically. In such context, the patient prone to type 2 diabetes should be safe with a good knowledge about the diabetic foods to avoid. If the patient follows the diabetes food plan, it will be easy to beat diabetes naturally. Since the risk factors for type 2 diabetic patients are high, the diet plan chart should be strictly followed. Whatever medication a diabetic takes, proper food items and lifestyle are significant. The food plan chart may contain the following diabetic foods to eat for type 2 diabetes.

• Low fat and high fiber foods like wheat, oats and unpolished rice
• Fresh vegetables, green leaves and stem foods
• Fresh fruits with less sweet content
• Whole fruits with nuts and unpeeled skin like red grapes, guava and apple
• Whole grains rich in fiber
• Skimmed milk and diluted butter milk
• Vegetables like bitter guard and cucumber
• Raw vegetables like carrot and beans
• Fish of any variety
• Boiled food rather than fried items
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