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Diabetes Type 2 and Obesity – Break the Bond to Beat Diabetes

Posted Mar 25 2010 9:22am
It is true that diabetes type 2 and obesity have a bad tie-up to go hand in hand. It is not surprising to tom-tom that diabetics are usually obese, and obese can predispose to diabetes. Since both are annoying to anyone, Diabetes and Obesity are to undergo a sadistic cycle. Lipid cells otherwise known as fat cells contribute to secrete PEDF (Protein Epithelium Derived Factor). It then undergoes a chain process which later on paves the way for type II diabetes. This protein tells upon the muscle as well as the hepatic cells to give resistance to insulin. As a consequence of this, there is an increased insulin secretion in the pancreas. Again, the over strain laid on the pancreas can hold back the function of pancreas and affect insulin secretion resulting in diabetes type II. Here we shall deal with exercises that help control blood sugar and beat diabetes as well as obesity, of course with proper diet control. Justify Full
Physical exercise (External)
If a diabetic with obesity cares for control of blood glucose, he gets good chance to reduce overweight. Body weight loss can be an easier thing to achieve simply by diet control and exercise. There are simple exercises like walking and jagging daily for about 20-30 minutes. When you are in diet control you may have more chance to gain weight loss and thereby break the bond between diabetes type 2 and obesity helping you to beat diabetes.

Breathing exercise (Internal)
Another type of exercise is Breathing Deep Exercise or Yogic Breathing exercise to reduce weight. The effect of this exercise will be amazing if you do it during morning hours when your stomach is empty. You must sit comfortably on a mat on the floor keeping your spine straight. You can bend your neck a bit to keep your back-head in line with your vertebral column. This is the right position to start your breathing exercise gently.

First, take three to four breaths and then relax for one or two minutes. According to weight loss program, relaxing a while between two spells of breaths is absolutely needed. Gradually you can increase the frequency of inhaling and exhaling until you feel sniffing. The caution in this breathing exercise is to avoid breathing through your mouth. At the beginning you should limit the duration of breathing for two or three minutes, and then increase the time up to 5 minutes.

If you are convinced, try both and nullify diabetes and obesity.

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