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Diabetes News: Asia Round-up

Posted Apr 12 2010 3:12am


Sanofi-Aventis (SNY) 12-04-10: Big news this week in Asia as pharma giant Sanofi-Aventis launches its first Asian-Pacific or regional Research and Development hub in Shanghai.  The prevalence of type 2 diabetes is greater in Shanghai than the mean national level ( as reported in 2006 ) and with a population of 20 million – this means there is a t2 diabetes population hovering around two million.  It’s no surprise that leaders in the big business of diabetes therapies such as Sanofi-Aventis, Novo Nordisk and Johnson & Johnson all have big stakes in China.  Sanofi’s VP of China operations told the Shanghai Daily, “We hope to become the first multinational drug company that completes truly homegrown research activities and cooperates with local partners.”  (Why is it that homegrown strikes me as ever so slightly misused and unsavvy in this context?)  Currently Sanofi-Aventis ranks number 4 in China for sales according to S-A press on the web.


Winsunny Headquarters


A lot of Nano news in the wire lately.  First there is the NanoVaccine said to wipe out diabetes in mice with Type 1 diabetes, now NanoMaterials Technology Private Ltd (NMT) (Singapore) has signed an exclusive agreement with Beijing Winsunny Pharmaceutical Company Limited to use its proprietary technology to manufacture , market and distribute a generic version of a world-wide blockbuster hyperlipidemia, often accounted for as dyslipidemia (high cholesterol) controlling drug in China.  ( Hyperlipidemia in association with insulin resistance is common in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus. )  What blockbuster might that be?  Pfizer must be feeling nervous about Lipitor sales.  With 90 million type 2 patients a year and with more than a 10 percent growth rate expected per annum the market stands to have 200 million patients in 10 years  (US 20 billion).



Feeling nervous about the reliability of your test strips… well there may be cause for genuine concern regarding strip authenticity in China.  US Federal prosecutors are investigating a Florida man who has been accused by Johnson & Johnson of selling counterfeit  versions of its diabetes-care products.  Here in China (and it is reported Pakistan)  J&J has alleged that a source of the fake OneTouch diabetes strips was a Chinese company, Guilin Chung Fai Biotech Co.  Representatives of Guilin Chung Fai couldn’t be reached, the Wall Street Journal reporter stated.  Pharmacies are being advised by the authorities.

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