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d-blog week: wrap up

Posted May 16 2011 10:46am

Yes, I didn’t get around to writing the last two posts of the week. I’m a bit stymied by the idea of photographing diabetes. I like what Scott did with the assignment and I enjoyed Minnesota Nice’s Vlog post . I really couldn’t think of anything original for me.

What’ve I learned? Oh, over the years, so many things. That there is no right answer. That what diabetes means in my life is not the same as what it means in your life. That what works for you is not the same thing that works for me. That my challenges are not your challenges, your triumphs are not mine. That diabetes is, in some ways, different for every person it affects.

And that we have a lot in common. Many of us really struggle with food issues to the point that we are obsessed and in denial and guilty when we eat. Scott and I have talked about this over the years and it seems that diabetes comes with an eating disorder attached. There probably ought to be a special name for it. Many of us struggle with depression. I think part of that is the whole stress and lifestyle of diabetes and part of it is chemical – caused by the changes in our bodies. All of it sucks. That we all have fears. My greatest fear is for my eyesight. Your greatest fear may be something else entirely. But we are bound by a fear of things we don’t have complete control over – and who isn’t?

There are bunches and bunches of blogs and posts I have not had time to read this week. Keep the link. They are worth exploring.

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