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Controlled Diabetes Diet Can Save You From All Risks

Posted Oct 15 2009 10:04pm
First of all it is required that you know what exactly diabetes implies. It is neither a disease nor a condition of pancreas having insufficient insulin. Indeed, it is some symptom of the pancreas getting damaged to secrete insulin required to your body for controlling blood sugar levels. Diabetes cannot be cured using traditional medicines. The drugs and medicines prescribed by physicians are potent to simply control the threatening symptoms of the disease. You need something more with Controlled Diabetes Diet to save you from all risks.
It is the new trend that diabetes can be cured without taking medicines, but with proper diabetic diet plan. It is nothing but our modern lifestyle that causes increased risk for developing heart disease and diabetes. Human body is a biological machine for which fuel is required for functioning. If the fuel of any machine is pure and has refined quality, then it can run on properly.
In similar sense, our human machine needs fuel in the form of diet with restricted diet plans. If the diet (fuel) is prepared and fed hygienically, the human machine can go a long way functioning properly without trouble. The trouble starts when the diet loses its original quality due to adulteration. In fact, many of the diet foods we are consuming contain plenty of sugar, oil and fat that are harmful for the vascular system. Such foods may be replaced by high protein diet foods.
What causes diabetes?
Researchers have now disclosed the fact that the diseased pancreas is the root cause for diabetes. This is again due to the intake of modern diet with excess sugars, acids, fats and carbohydrates. If you fail to pay proper attention to consume controlled diabetes diet, then the chance increases for the pancreas to become totally idle to produce insulin. The result will be to develop type 2 and eventually type 1 diabetes.
By cleansing the pancreas you can save it from acidity and make it rebuild itself and start producing insulin. This cleansing is possible with proper diet for diabetes control. It is more important that you take care in what you eat than you try various drugs. As such, the best way to save you from diabetes is to change your lifestyle by stopping to eat processed foods, high carb diet, and fatty foods. You must consume fresh vegetables, fruits with nuts, food items with high fiber, and cholesterol free dairy products which are the best controlled diabetes diet.
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