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Cinnamon For Diabetes - Does Cinnamon Cure Diabetes?

Posted May 26 2010 2:48pm
Though there may be many home remedies to cure diabetes, here Cinnamon is taken for discussion about its potential to diabetes control. There exists a big circle of people crossing against the working potential to reduce blood sugar in the blood stream. However, diabetics who have belief in treating diabetes using cinnamon raise repeatedly two strong slogans ‘Cinnamon Cures Diabetes’ and ‘Cinnamon for Diabetes’. Their claim is that cinnamon is not simply a cooking herb in baking bread or pastry. They are recommending cinnamon for diabetes not just for fun making though it may be a fun playing concept with some people.

Systematic studies of various groups consisting of specialists are in firm stand that cinnamon and its oil extract are treated as natural herbal medicine and supplement additive. It is also claimed that cinnamon has an innate power of enhancing the health of the diabetics when consumed.

The taste of cinnamon is bitter and spicy. To make relishing it is added to cakes and pastries. The bitter taste with medicinal component can help lower blood sugar levels. You can also add cinnamon to tea extract and can drink as herbal tea with medicinal benefits in a natural way.

Is cinnamon a part of diet?

This is a natural question raised by all and the answer for this question is ‘Yes’. It has rightly been ascertained that consuming cinnamon in limit will work well to reduce blood sugar levels. Specifically, diabetics type 2 are highly benefitted when they use cinnamon in moderation. How much you should consume per day can depend upon your body condition. At this stage we understand that cinnamon is capable of keeping control of blood glucose and triggering body health. The plus in using this natural source to treat diabetes is that there is very little chance for side effects when striving for controlling diabetes.
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