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Children lack professional players were crowded into single-plank bridge

Posted Nov 15 2012 9:31am
Zhang Kaiqin feel that easy methods to solve this problem would be to introduce a profitable system for this purpose in September 2009, he began a long-term exercise and diet program for teenagers, was 3 years. As per his introduction, this collaboration by Tianma Golf Academy, plus the West from Language of choice School of Shanghai International Studies University, Junior Golf whole-day in China, the main new kind of golf special education training and youth culture courses combined.

Tseng, 12-year-old in to the Us to improve, we found her age, and interested in your offspring a number of golf. Zhang Kaiqin you are looking at the growth of this project original intention, said, However Bobby Wagner Youth White NFL Jersey, not many are designed for the way of professional golf. our help, a large number of children scholarship by using Golf, successfully entered the U.S. university. therefore think whether in Mainland China to make an incredibly model, not neglect their studies at the same time, they can be a good golf training children will accomplished for the golf, professional golfer qualified to walk on the streets, we can easily help him see a Country to obtain the PGA or LPGA, we will assist them to apply across the nation credit rating not good for road golf scholarship, the idea of this particular golf professional. want a plethora of golf professionals now and also in tomorrow, I believe that whenever their studies abroad, you will have a fantastic career.

The Zhang Kaiqin I Master of Sports Management of the University of the latest Mexico, is the management sensation the next decade america Golf Academy. His youth long-term training programs to recruit students from 5 and 6 hey until university graduation, 15 participants specialized in the first day to the sophomore. These students all read in the western world, the Spanish School International Class. West outside division two types of domestic and international classes classes, domestic class domestic science courses like business as usual to make for exams. International class standards together with the U.S. education system. Zhang Kaiqin said, To be sure that Pegasus Institute beyond just the international state-of-the-art golf item teaching, physical training, but will also designed with its own club debugging and maintenance Matt Flynn Women's Nike Elite Jersey, goes undertake a one-stop service and i believe this is usually a complementary mix of.

Domestic training system has become criticized as time goes by. The one hand, the majority of the school is actually concered about the cultural lesson, and completely ignored the National Fitness. Additional hand, the nationwide system a baby together, the entranceway closed, and didnrrrt let them do it see the book while in the school age, although won many gold medals in your Olympics, too, also let some little ones squander . You should definitely golf education, in a good many features of China remains a whole new thing, more is simply not accepted through school in most cases, perhaps even the children leave to look out to a game aren't going to be approved. When it comes to fledgling national team, has achieved some success, in the end, will only cover only a few people, merely determined to become a career, or career players. In such a case, most likely the Tseng sports Consulting Co., Ltd., Tianma Golf Academy, also, the successful example of the Shanghai International Studies University, West beyond Language School will transplant to domestic eventually come across a different sort of world. It is composed by jwinnova 11.15.2012
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