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Changes, Changes, Changes

Posted Dec 10 2009 12:38pm
If you have been to the old Orlando Pumpers site you will have noticed that it is all gone. It never became what I had intended, an extension of the support meeting. I had become used to going and being involved. Even though my wife is the one with the D, I had been the one in charge of figuring things out technically why see figured out the D practically. The friends at the support meeting were both of ours. I felt in control of something that could affect me instantly but not something that I had or could fix.

Then came a kid and someone had to hang back. So I took to blogging. New technology at the time and early in the non-geeks know how, the crowd that went to the support meetings never really got into it. And my real vision of a community was completed by sites like Tu Diabetes and better bloggers covered the material better. Orlando Pumpers languished.

But a community on the web was hard to cultivate and develop because of the technology feats needed to accomplish. I won’t bore you with the details but new things came along that made it possible to provide the local web presence I originally wished but that wouldn’t compete in the same space as the multitude of Diabetes sites that have become successful. My goal is local.

The new vision or Orlando Pumpers is exactly that. Orlando. I would love to see local users that want to get a community and see what people down the road are doing but also connect with the people that see and meet in their doctors offices, support meetings and if the need rises find a support family that can be plugged into all through out the week.

Enjoy, and please be patient with the bugs as things get going.

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