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carb diet

Posted by jenny

how may carb should you have at each meal.   Are whole wheats the best good carbs>
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The best carbs are complex carbs. These include: potatoes with skin, whole wheat pasta, whole wheat bread, brown rice, kinua, fruits and the like. You should have a variety.. If you want a diet plan, best go to a nutritionist.
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I tried eating a low carb diet, and I guess I still eat pretty low (about 100gr a day), and I find this works best for my sugar levels.

When I do eat carbs I make sure it comes in a really good form - fruits, veggies, whole grains (brown rice, buckwheat and oats are my favorites).

I steer clear of processed and refined sugars and starches, because they send my sugar levels crazy, and I get a huge headache from the sugar rush...

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