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Can you get biliary cirrhosis from insulin?

Posted by Annatjie

I am diabetic and inject 84 units of Apidra and 40 units of Levimir per day. I have hypertension and high cholesterol. I take Lipitor, Adalat, Fortzar,Eltoxin and Glucovance. i sometimes feel very tired. my hand itches a lot, especially at night. i use ice packs to cool it down and it helps after an hour ot two. I am 50 years old and obese. i have a little open sore beneath my one big toe that does not heal. it has been there for 4 years now. it was septic, they operated on it, but it does not close. my feet are numb and i feel no pain in them. i am worried about my liver and kidneys. i know i have to loose weight , but find it difficult to stay motivated, becase I eat all the right food, but does not loose any weight. please let me know what you think about the cirrhosis ? Regards, Annatjie Fuhri   

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