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Can Lower Blood Sugar Levels With Proper Diet Foods-3 Useful Tips Here

Posted Dec 10 2009 8:45pm
People prone to diabetes are suffering mostly with high blood sugar. Some of them are either foolish or innocent when they take no proper medication to lower the sugar levels. Consequently, they become victims for many complications due to unchecked sugar levels. If you are a diabetic, you need to monitor your sugar levels in your blood and take steps to put a check to the elevated levels of blood glucose. Living a healthy life is achieved when one takes care to lower his blood sugar levels. As such, there is no chance for stagnation or formation of blood sugar.

When you are prone to diabetes your sincere efforts should be to keep your sugar normally at lower levels. High blood sugar otherwise known as hyperglycemia is very bad if not properly treated on noticing early symptoms of blood sugar, and you will have to suffer with many complications affecting general health. Staying healthy and keeping the body fit can help you lower blood sugar to a normal level. There are some basics through which you can achieve the goal of lowering sugar levels in the blood stream. The secrets are disclosed in the following tips.

Have proper diet
Your diet plays a significant role in helping lower sugar levels. If you choose foods that are slowly digested in the intestinal track, you will have better chance for steady absorption and burning of glucose into energy. For this, you should prefer diet foods that are high in fiber and low in fat. Foods with proteins and vitamins are also needed for healthy living life. Foods that are high in starch and sugar are absorbed into the blood stream rapidly, making the pancreas strain much in producing insulin.

Choice of foods
Foods which are capable of lowering sugar levels effectively include items like wheat, oatmeal, peas, black beans, and granola. Fruits such as apples, oranges, pears, and pomegranates are also best recommended varieties to lower blood sugar level as desired. It has been proved that food items such as potatoes, polished rice, and white bread are converted as glucose more easily and rapidly. This in turn pulls down the potentiality of the pancreas in producing insulin.

Other things to remember
• Avoid fast foods and processed foods
• Prefer boiled foods than fried items
• Consume fish varieties than meat
• Choose divided servings of foods for total calorie in a day
• Avoid dairy food products high in fat
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