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Byetta, part 3

Posted Jul 03 2008 12:11pm

Well, byetta finally seems to be doing it’s job and kicking down the blood sugars a little. That and I am trying really hard to keep the carbs down. Yesterday was a pretty good food day - but hey, part of the reason byetta works is because it makes me too nauseous to eat! Historically, that goes away. Also, it seems to back off some when I do eat.

However, I think it’s pointed out another issue. I was an amazing 127 when I first woke up this morning!cheering smilieWhen I got up for the second time I was up to 175 - that was 3 hours and no food later.

Okay, that’s a little dawn phenomena, right? I couldn’t eat lunch and then I went shopping and sweat in the heat and got home, feeling a little low and finally hungry at 3:00 - 211!

Say what? 211?

I have to ask the endo but I’m asking y’all first. When your body thinks it’s hungry/starving it releases glucagon that tells the liver to pump sugar into your system - right? So is it possible for your body to make too much glucagon? Is there a way to treat it? Anyone know anything?

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