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Blood Sugar Elevated – Top 3 Tips to Control Diabetes

Posted Dec 28 2009 9:52pm
Blood Sugar Elevated – This is the prime concern with millions of people worldwide. The elevated blood sugar develops many diabetic complications when the pancreas fails to produce insulin sufficiently. It may also be due to the body system not responding properly though there is sufficient insulin production. When diabetes is ignored and not properly managed it can result in many unpleasant complications to vital organs. If right care is taken immediately on noticing any symptoms of diabetes you can be safe and prevent further complications.

Is your blood sugar elevated abnormally? Are you worried about your body condition? Immediately consult your doctor and get prescription medication following proper diagnosis. After having blood glucose controlled to normalcy you can manage diabetes by changing your lifestyle. For your benefit, top tips are given here so that you keep your elevated blood sugar under control.

Know the effect of diet:

Most of the diabetics choose to control diabetes simply by taking medications. They don’t have serious thoughts on diet choices. They think that diet is for survival of life and energy to the body. In fact, proper diet can effect wonderful changes in the body in addition to giving energy. Consuming diet foods that are rich in fiber can prove wonders in controlling elevated sugar level. High fiber foods cause slow digestion and stabilize the glucose levels. In this regard, vegetables and fruits have significant effect to control diabetes. If these natural foods are fresh you can enjoy comparatively a double effect of keeping your body energetic to the need and reducing glucose in the circulatory stream.

Have regular exercise:

Exercise is the best way of managing diabetes. It is helping the diabetic in many ways. It goes without saying that exercise can keep the cells ever dynamic and enhance the production of insulin. It also stimulates the utilization of glucose for conversion into energy. Regular exercise can reduce body fats and keep the blood cells energetic. When the fats are reduced your body becomes more reactive to insulin.

Monitor your blood glucose levels periodically:

Whatever the medication you get and exercise you do, monitoring blood glucose level in your body is more important. Periodical monitoring can help you assess whether exercise routine and diet foods are really contributing to control diabetes. For this you may use a simple glucometer. If the sugar level is consistently abnormal you must consult your doctor so that he can modify your diet or exercise accordingly.
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