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Avoid These Bad Diabetic Foods – You Can Live a Healthy Life

Posted Jun 18 2010 9:29am
If you are prone to diabetes, you have to take measured steps to promote your health by control of blood glucose levels. You can counterbalance your diabetic condition by carefully looking out warning signs and symptoms of diabetes. For this, you should keep up a changed lifestyle by avoiding bad diabetic foods that may elevate normal blood sugar levels. You should necessarily abstain from such foods aggravating diabetic condition. If you are sure to follow this advice you can topple your body condition and balance the things affecting your health. Here, my interest is to describe the foods that top the list of bad foods for diabetics.

Artificial sweeteners: It is indeed difficult to keep off sugar completely in your regular diet. For this futile reason, you should not go on adding in your diet sweeteners abundantly as it can elevate blood glucose in the blood stream. However, adding sweeteners just a bit in your diet is not so harmful. Sweet chocolates can be discarded from your time pass snake as they are sweetened with artificial sweeteners that are detrimental to diabetic body.

High carb foods: Grains high in carbohydrates should not be added in your diet meal plan. The foods rich in carbohydrates cannot help you control diabetes. With abundant carb foods, your diabetic condition will be worsened. So, you should avoid eating white bread, refined rice, pasta, and pastry as they are bad diabetic foods.

Starchy vegetables: Though all vegetables are admitted as good for health, there are some varieties of vegetable that are treated as enemies for diabetes. In this list, you have the sweet beets and carrots. As potatoes and beans are good sources of starches, they can be better kept off from your meal plan. However, green leafy vegetables are good for diabetics to keep a balance for health.

Sugary fruits: Though most of the fruits are good for health, there are some fruits that are fine sweet and delicious. Fruits with high sweet component cannot be good for diabetics. In this regard, you can avoid fruits like sweet banana, mango, pineapple, jackfruit, and strawberry. However, apple fruits and grape fruits are not bad diabetic foods though they are sweet. They are feber content and good antoxidants to lower blood glucose.
Fatty foods: Milk is good for health but it should not be consumed with all fats. However, skimmed milk is not so harmful for diabetics. In this category, you should avoid cheese, ice-cream, and butter cakes.
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