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Are you eating to feed your body...

Posted Sep 29 2008 6:31pm

Are you eating to feed your body or because you’re stressed, tired, bored, or lonely? When used properly, the Hunger Scale allows you to get feedback from your body so that you know when to stop eating. Ideally you’ll put down the fork when you feel Comfortable or Perfectly Comfortable.

10. Stuffed: You are so full, you feel nauseous.
9. Very uncomfortably full: You need to loosen your clothes.
8. Uncomfortably full: You feel bloated.
7. Full: You feel a little bit uncomfortable.
6. Perfectly comfortable: You feel satisfied.
5. Comfortable: You’re more or less satisfied, but could eat a little more.
4. Slightly uncomfortable: You’re just beginning to feel signs of hunger.
3. Uncomfortable: Your stomach is rumbling.
2. Very uncomfortable: You feel irritable and unable to concentrate.
1. Weak and light-headed: Your stomach acid is churning.

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