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Are There Fruits for Diabetics? – If so Choose the Best Fruits to Eat

Posted Jul 30 2010 9:39am
Many people have a wrong notion about eating fruits when diabetic. Although choosing fruits for diabetics is good, doubts crop up to cross whether FRUITS are good food for diabetics. If thought well, this question will have certainly a positive answer. This is based on the fact that fruits are also needed to certain extent just like the vegetables for diabetics. It is well said that eating fruits should be made a part of diabetic diet imposed with some restrictions.

Healthy persons can have no problem in eating any fruits at any amount, but the diabetics cannot have this obligation to eat fruits to their choice. They are bound to select a few and keep off many others from consuming. So is the restriction for diabetics because of the nature of the disease. Be sure, it is never totally forbidden from consuming fruits for diabetes. Here is a brief notes on good fruits to eat as well as bad fruits for diabetics.

Away from the nutrition for diabetics, fruits rich in fiber but low in sugar are considered as good diets for diabetes. In this regard, you have the popular fruits like plums, muskmelon, and watermelon. As these kinds have low glycemic index, you get less chance to have elevated blood sugar in the blood stream. The effect of consuming fruits will be more if they are consumed with nuts and unpeeled skin.

Best fruits for diabetics to eat

Although you have a lot many to eat, doctors recommend apples for diabetics as the best choice. Grapes, Olives, and Citrus varieties like lime or orange are also the best choices for controlling sugar intake. It is recommended to choose fresh varieties to consume for getting good results in lowering blood glucose. Varieties with high sugar can safely be avoided. It is just the right way to eat raw fruits or salads or recipes to lower blood glucose. Eating a whole fruit or at the most a handful of cut pieces after every meal will be good for easy digestion and cleansing the colon track.

Bad fruits for diabetics to avoid

Though there are plenty of fruits recommended for diabetics, it is not preferred to have them in juice form. As the essential health values of the ingredients are destroyed when grinding to juices, it is best suggested avoiding juices to drink as second source. Fruits such as mango, pineapple, custard apple, and bananas are prohibited for diabetes.

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