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An Exercise in Exercising

Posted Jun 25 2008 5:09pm
apple.jpgThe wholeDiabetes Training Campis an exercise in exercising. Not only exercising the body, but also stretching the mind and exercising the parts of the mind that are used to thinking the same ol' thoughts:  I don't want to get up early to exercise.Let me be kind to myself and stay in bed. Another hour can't hurt. I can't possibly run a mile without stopping. I don't know how to breathe right when swimming so I can't possibly do twenty laps. I haven't been on a bike in forever, how can I possibly bike for an hour without stopping? Hills? Be serious? A mini triathalon by Saturday morning? Get real.

Breaking through the thought patterns that keep me stuck in the old status quo is an essential step in the process of incorporating exercise as part of my daily routine. And there is nothing as powerful as simply getting out there and DOING IT. The way I get myself to do this is by wearing my work out clothes to bed and waking already dressed. I then tell myself I'll only go for five minutes and if, after five minutes I'm ready for more, I'll do five more. I inevitably keep going, usually for 30-60 minutes, but giving myself an out, if I feel I need it, helps ease that part of myself that is resistant to being told what to do, even if it's just me telling myself and knowing it's in my best interest.

How do you guys fool or motivate that ol' status quo part of your brain to get out there and exercise?

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