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Amazing Foods for Blood Sugar Control

Posted Oct 15 2009 10:04pm
Can there be amazing foods that can enable a diabetic for Blood Sugar Control? Are you really interested to gather information on how to control blood glucose levels easily? If so, you are fortunate to have a brief description of foods which can give amazing results to manage diabetes. Taking prescribed medication alone cannot help a diabetic to lower blood sugar in the blood stream. Diabetes is not such a disease that can be cured completely but requires self care in choosing foods to eat and foods to avoid.

French bean: French beans, otherwise known as kidney beans, are one of the best foods that a diabetic can choose to eat to reduce blood sugar levels. You can relish the delicious taste with nutritious values. Since they are high in protein and fiber with some carbohydrates, physicians who deal with diabetics do recommend French beans to eat.

Soya bean:
Soya bean is capable of controlling blood sugar and urinary sugar. Though it is rich in protein, it represents a low carb diet and has many nutritious values for treating diabetes. Soya bean bread is a good food for diabetes patients who are in dietary restrictions.

Bean decoction:
The decoction can be extracted by removing the seeds and boiling fresh beans with water for about 2 to 3 hours. A diabetic should consume this mixture for every three hours for about four weeks. It should be noted that the decoction should be fresh by daily preparation to have excellent results in controlling blood sugar.

Lettuce is an ideal food which belongs to vegetable family. It is low in calorie but rich in iron, calcium, and vitamins A and C. Since it is low in carbohydrate and cholesterol, a diabetic who consumes this can keep off the risks of cardiovascular problems.

Brussels sprouts:
Sprouts are a rich in folic acid and vitamins B6 and C. They are also high in dietary fiber. The mixture of French bean juice and Sprout juice is an amazing food which stimulates the production of insulin.

Tomato is a delicious food for diabetics, and it helps to lower the glucose content in urine. Since tomato contains very low carbohydrates, it contributes to reduce the patient’s body weight.

Onion has good medicinal values useful for diabetics. It is a pungent vegetable which can lower the levels of blood glucose. It can be consumed in raw or cooked form to stimulate the secretion of insulin to convert the starchy food into energy.
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