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Am I stressing for no reason?

Posted Oct 01 2008 8:55pm

OK, so I'm pretty new at this. Does anyone else's child ever have a day where ALL of their sugars are in range? I've looked back at Riley's records and he's had ONE, let me repeat, ONE day where ALL of his sugars were in range. This includes the nice honeymoon period he had in the beginning where all he was having to take was his Lantus.

I guess it's important that most of his sugars are in range. But, he has at least one or two sugars everyday that are just out of whack. Is this normal? Am I expecting too much?

I don't want to bore you, but I wanted to give some examples of how his sugars have run the last few days. He currently takes Lantus 0.5 unit at breakfast. NovoLog 0.5 unit per 30g carbs. He is also on NovoLog correction for >225: 0.5 unit and >300: 1.0 unit. He doesn't take any NovoLog after 8 PM because his sugars drop so much during the night. For example, one night at bedtime, it was 312. (He didn't get any insulin, because it was after 8PM) At 1 AM, it was 261, at 6 AM: 96, and when he got up at 8 AM it was: 65. Yep, that's right, it dropped 247 points over night without any intervention. His range is supposed to be 80-150 pre-breakfast and 100-225 the rest of the day. OK, here it goes:

Fri, Dec. 30th:
6:51 AM: 130
8:24 AM: 124 (ate 30g carbs, got 0.5 unit of NovoLog and Lantus) (no snack before lunch)
12:38 PM: 134 (ate 28 g carbs, got 0.5 unit NovoLog) (had 10g snack at 2:00 PM)
3:48 PM: 75 (got another 10g snack)
6:19 PM: 241 (ate 41g of carbs, got 1.0 unit NovoLog [for carb coverage and high sugar])
9:10 PM: 212 (ate 15g snack)
10:17 PM: 319

Sat., Dec 31st:
8:23 AM : 148 (ate 31 g carbs, got 0.5 unit NovoLog and Lantus) ( no snack before lunch)
12:01 PM: 103 (ate 37g carbs, got 0.5 unit NovoLog) (got 9g snack at 3 :30 PM)
5:57 PM: 120 ( ate 30g carbs, got 0.5 unit NovoLog)
7:19 PM: 311 ( too early to give more insulin)
9:15 PM: 254 (16 g snack at 9:30 PM)

Sun, Jan 1st:
12:15 AM: 314 ( see how my New Year's started?)
6:04 AM: 223
8:33 AM: 146 (ate 38g carbs, got 0.5 unit NovoLog and Lantus)
11:13 AM: 324 ( no insulin because too early once again, got peanuts and Diet Coke. He gets VERY hungry and thirsty when his sugar is up. We were at church and Michael had to take him out because he couldn't sit still. Yet another side effect of high sugar.)
1:14 PM: 267 (ate 35g carbs, got NovoLog 1.0 unit)
4:31 PM: 63 ( drank yogurt[15g])
5:07 PM: 164
5:39 PM: 173 (ate 26g carbs, got 0.5 unit NovoLog[we decided to try 0.5 per 25g since his sugars have been up at night])
9:38 PM: 227 (ate 13g snack)

Monday, Jan. 2nd:
3:31 AM: 182
5:50 AM: 139
7:50 AM: 122 (ate 31g carbs, got 0.5 unit NovoLog and Lantus)

That brings us to the present. So, what do you think? Am I stressing for no reason? How perfect should I expect his sugars to be? The endo. has told me that "tight" control for kids his age is dangerous. But, that's why he has such a flexible range. His endo. also seems to think that if we could get his sugars up in the morning to justify a whole unit of Lantus, then the sugars may "even out" and "not bounce around so much". What do you think? I know that ultimately, I need to discuss all of this with the endo. But, I'm just wondering, is there anything to discuss?

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