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a little update

Posted Dec 23 2008 12:51pm

I’ve been meaning to post a little update. I’m really doing quite well. I have been able to sleep on my side again, which is helpful. I have to be a little careful as I move about but it’s doable. The pain, other than that, is pretty much gone - I’m just left with my usual back and knee, etc., pain.

The first couple days I wasn’t hungry at all. If I drank even water even slightly too quickly I felt like I was overly full. The band is not inflated at all at first, just the swelling from the surgery makes you feel as if it is. I’m still on a full liquid diet for another week and I have started feeling hungry. They didn’t really place any restrictions on me except for the liquid but I’m still keeping my calories between 600 and 800. Mostly that’s okay but if I had something solid to digest it’d sure be nice!

I’ve decreased my diabetes meds further and am staying pretty much between 80 and 100. I probably ought to be testing more often than I am but when I do feel low-ish, I test and I’m still in that range. In some ways, I feel like I’m always eating because when it’s not meal time, I’m drinking those protein fruit drinks trying to get my protein for the day. It makes it hard to have a clear window for testing but it also may be keeping my BG pretty steady.

I’ve noticed in the past couple days that it’s easier to get around. Not just it’s easier to get around post-surgery, but it’s easier to get around in general. I think it’s probably a good sign! I feel like I have a bit more energy, too, but I also tire out pretty quickly.

And that’s how I’m doing…

I spoke with Schnukiputz the other night - she is having some further testing but it seems possible that they may have an idea of what is causing all her pain. It will still be a long while before they get anything fixed but it seems to be a bit of a light at the end of the tunnel.

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