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7 Sure Tips to Reduce Blood Sugar to Feel Better

Posted Mar 05 2010 9:24am
Being a diabetic is not a shameful thing but it can be so when one fails to reduce blood sugar to keep off diabetes. Though diabetes is sometimes considered chronic it can better be managed and even be prevented by following sure tips to reduce sugar in the blood stream.

Consult your doctor

Consulting your doctor is essential because there are many things to diagnose and pin point the problem. Anything to make decision yourself about your ailment cannot be good to reduce diabetic sugar. You can get the prescription medication from your doctor to suit your body’s status.

Monitor your sugar level

Going for diagnosis and treatment cannot be the end for your ailment. Monitoring the sugar levels periodically pays better things for you to evaluate your diabetic condition and control blood sugar. By comparing the sugar levels from the time of starting medication you can accordingly change your dose as recommended by your doctor.

Keep normal body weight

You cannot decide yourself to be obese or lean when you are diabetic. The obesity and how much it should be reduced can better be decided with a Proportion Scale Chart of Age –Height – Weight. That can serve the ideal scale to decide your level of diabetic condition.

Eating diabetic foods

What food you are eating when you are diabetic is as significant as what medication you are taking. Medication alone cannot help beat diabetes. The diabetes can be controlled or even be prevented by consistently consuming right diabetic foods and kicking off completely the bad diabetic foods. Is white rice bad for diabetes? – The answer is YES. Certainly it is a bad food for diabetics.

Take care on wounds

In case you are sustained with bodily wounds or infections they should be paid utmost care. It is true that the wounds can get more aggravated with consumption of sweets. If you have ‘Will’ you can better avoid sweets in your menu at any situation. Also you will be highly safe if you avoid fruits high in sugar. Negligence of this care may lead to bitter risks of amputation.

Exercise to keep fit

Physical exercise should be a part of your daily duties or it may be scheduled to top your daily activities. Exercise can lower your blood sugar percentage. Also it helps to keep your internal system of your body ever active to promote good circulation of your blood stream. Also the liver is cleansed with intake of oxygen and removal of waste products from your body through regular urination and sweating.

Spare your body from alcohol

Consuming alcohol may be good for heart to certain extent if the quantity is maintained under limit. If the quantity is limited below the brim of a small wine glass it can serve something good. In case you are particular for additional pegs your liver will be damaged with a setback in its function.

What should be there more than these 7 tips to lower blood sugar? Start trying these natural ways to reduce sugar intake and feel better.
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