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5 Ideal Foods For Diabetics to Control of Blood Glucose

Posted Jun 04 2010 9:15am
Many diabetics are nowadays well aware of their condition and very often they rush to the clinical doors for getting their condition diagnosed followed by prescription medication. It’s quite ok. But they are not sure of the chances that diet foods are the prime concern to reduce sugar intake in the blood stream. Here you have the description of ideal foods for diabetics to cut down the elevated blood sugar in the blood.

Vegetables: Vegetables are highly recommended for diabetics to help blood sugar regulation. It will be more appreciable if you consume fresh vegetables, probably green and leafy varieties. You will be highly benefitted by eating ideal foods like Spinach, lettuce, and Collard greens for control of blood glucose sugar.

Fruits: Fruits are wrongly omitted by some diabetics out of ignorance of benefits of fruits. Though it is admissible that there are many fruits of high sugar content, we have certain fruits that indeed contribute to top health progress. For instance, Grapefruits and cherries are sweet and delicious. But they do help amazingly to keep your blood sugar level under control. Lemon and pomegranates are also excellent and ideal choices of fruits rich in antioxidants and fiber.

Grains: You cannot keep off totally the grain foods high in fiber. Though vegetables and fruits are good digestive agents, varieties of grains are also inevitable to boost energy to the diabetic. Here, it is significant that refined and broken grains are less benefitting than the whole grains. If the grains are ground to flour form, the fiber quality might amply be destroyed. So, grains like unpolished rice, wheat, oatmeal, and barley should find place in your meal plan.

Nuts: Nuts in ripe fruits are also ideal supplements for reducing blood glucose. If you are sure of non-allergic to nuts, you can eat snacks on cashews, almonds, peanuts, and Brazil nuts are also good choices when you are diabetic. But these should be consumed in moderation as they are sources of fats. It will be awarding extra benefits if you choose to eating fruits with nuts for their medicinal values to control diabetes.

Protein foods: As a diabetic, you should consume protein foods in plenty as they are badly needed for building muscles and enhancing digestion system. Here our main concern is diabetes control and it is achieved through eating protein rich foods. In addition to vegetables high in protein, you can have proteins in abundance from dairy products and animal sources – such as fish, chicken, and turkey.
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