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4 Magic Foods For You to Lower Blood Sugar

Posted Feb 26 2010 8:44am
Be sure, there are foods to lower blood sugar while you are prone to diabetes; diabetic or pre-diabetic. Diabetes is treated by many with prescription medications following a timely diagnosis by a physician. It is also true many people do not know or they don’t have faith that plenty of locally available natural foods serve the best to reduce blood sugars accumulated in the circulation system. If you are worried about what you are fighting All Day Long with diabetes you can be benefited by consuming the following magic foods to slash down the spiking blood sugar in the blood stream.

French beans

These are nothing but kidney beans. If they are cooked with proper cookery adds you may relish the delicious taste. They contain high percentage of protein as well as rich fiber. In addition to these they contain a good amount of complex carbohydrates that are needed for healthy body building. With this angle, it is strongly recommended by health professionals that French beans are the best food source to eliminate blood sugars.

Brussels sprouts

It is recommended by most of the dietitians that the juice of Brussels sprout can help triggering your insulin production. The juice can be taken with an equal volume of juice of French beans for better effect in lowering blood sugar levels.


Lettuce as a green vegetable has gained popularity among Americans following the certification of American Diabetes Association. It has got star recognition as one best diabetic diet food containing low cholesterol and low fats. It is projected among the diabetics as the best food to include the potential to lower blood sugar levels. It is a plus that the lettuce contains a bare minimum of carbohydrates.


It is great that tomatoes that are used in daily cookery contribute to certain extent to lose body weight. Tomatoes can be eaten in raw as salad, and it is claimed that recipes without tomatoes cuttings are waste and losing taste. Here our concern is the medicinal component that the tomatoes constitute the cheap and best delicious food to control blood sugar levels.

Do you feel that the above gifts of Nature are good diabetic foods or diabetic medicines? Indeed, these are the double barreled rifles to shoot down the sugar levels in the blood stream. They are double barreled in the sense that they serve as kitchen mates as well as naturopathic medicines to help reducing blood sugar to keep off diabetes.
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