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3 Wonder Fruits To Lower blood Sugar Levels

Posted Feb 26 2010 8:40am
What is there to say Wonder Fruits to lower blood sugar levels? After all it is a common thing to enjoy eating fruits for their delicious taste. But here the discussion is let open in a diversified track for considering the medicinal values in them to control blood sugar. Though Nature has a treasure of gifted fruits in general we cannot deny that it comprises some worthwhile fruits too that can really help lowering blood sugar levels of diabetics.

Be sure, it is possible to prevent the reoccurrence of diabetes if you are wise of eating fruits recommended for diabetics as and when needed to bring down the increased blood sugar in the blood stream. Can you follow my track and grab the gist of this article with 3 wonder fruits?


The blueberries are another variety of fruits to help lower blood sugar levels purely as a natural option. There is no feeling of taking prescription medicines but you are simply going to relish the delicious fruits as the best option to keep off diabetes. The leaves also have medicinal effect of reducing blood sugars naturally. You can chew 3 or 4 fruits including 2 or 3 leaves to a paste and swallow it with water. You are here warned that this natural therapy for a long time may cause low blood sugars.


The second option is the gooseberry which can be eaten raw or, if you are particular, steeped in salt water with turmeric mix. Gooseberry juice is an efficacious and natural source of Vitamin C. Since it is high in antioxidant it is working well to reduce blood sugars in the blood stream as you wish. It can protect your liver, kidney, and related heart problems that may arise while you are in diabetic condition.


Pomegranates are seasonal fruits that are ripe during the middle of winter season. Though they are a little messy to eat, their nutritious values are making the fruits worthwhile, specifically for diabetics. Pomegranates comprise a good combination of antioxidants of many fruits and veg too! These fruits are everywhere available around your dwelling. Concentrated juices are also available but they are the diabetics’ worst nightmares. If you are sure of eating pomegranates as Wonder Medicine you can safely protect yourself from being diabetic.

If you have caught the things, start right now to pick out the fruits from the stores and avail the benefits.
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