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3 Warning signs of Diabetes - To Notice And Start Action

Posted Mar 04 2010 9:13am
Diabetes is no doubt a life threatening ailment to many people. However, it doesn’t occur overnight. There are some common and warning signs of diabetes that should be recognised and treatment should be started after properly diagnosed by a physician. Here our concern is to understand about the common signs of diabetes to notice and become aware of the consequences when they are ignored.

Excessive urination

Among many warning signs of diabetes excessive discharge of urine is one.
This is because of the kidneys being over loaded with more of glucose than actually they can contain in volume. This is again due to the inability of the kidneys to process the glucose for conversion to energy using insulin. So, the diabetic is bound to have urine stored in excess which needs letting out excessively. This urination can happen frequently and it may be a nuisance to others creating a dilemmatic situation to the diabetic.


The body gets energy when the glucose is burnt to produce energy. But what the pitiable thing happens in a diabetic body is the flow of saturated sugar into the blood stream without undergoing the process of conversion to bodily energy. It is not surprising that when the fuel (glucose) is not burnt to energy the body gets retardation from being energetic. The cells are lazy without producing glucose for producing energy by using insulin. This makes the diabetic feel excessively fatigue which is a common sign of diabetes.


Tingling or numbness in hands and feet is another major warning sign of diabetes. This is an indication of increased amount of blood glucose causing damage to body’s nerve system. Tingling followed by nerve damage is also responsible for the bodily wounds not healing completely or taking an elongated time than usual for healing.

Do you have any such signs of diabetes? If yes, start action plan to control blood sugar to beat diabetes.

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