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3 Major Complications with Onset of Diabetes

Posted Feb 26 2010 12:12am
Onset of Diabetes is identified as a multi system disorder which is very bad in affecting one’s healthy life. Most of the bodily diseases can be cured and even prevented from future recurrence. But diabetes is somewhat different. It is rather a myth that diabetes can be cured completely by simply taking prescription medications to reduce blood glucose levels. It is not curing diabetes completely but fairly controlling blood glucose from getting aggravated.

So, blood sugar control is the first step to block the onset of diabetes. If left uncared and untreated, it can create diabetic complications in your body. If you are a diabetic, you should know the bodily complications following the signs and symptoms of diabetes and how to save you from the following major complications.

Abnormal sugar levels

The blood glucose levels are fluctuating in the range of 70 – 150dl/ml in a person who knows well how to control blood glucose formation in the blood stream. If the levels are beyond this range on either side, then the abnormal fluctuation or steadily increased blood sugar itself is a complication following diabetic condition.

Heart complications

If the sugar levels are getting up far beyond the edges of normal range you are sure to develop heart problems. Increased sugar in the blood stream increases the blood cholesterol which constitutes the basic factor for malfunctioning of the heart. The complication cycle is Onset of Diabetes -> Increased Blood Sugar -> Increased Blood Cholesterol -> Increased Blood Pressure -> Heart Complications.

Skin complications

Diabetics are mostly susceptible to skin complications in the form of infections. The wounds sustained with warning signs of diabetes become rebellious against getting healed even when medications are taken. Unless the basic root caused by elevated blood sugar is nullified, the wounds are never seen healing with fungal treatment.
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