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23rd august

Posted Sep 07 2008 8:38pm
Aaron is now back to his usual novorapid dose, phoned his nurse and she said to drop the half units off his insulin during the day, hopefully it will make a difference, he had another hypo during the night, it was at 3.3 and round about 4am, wasn't as bad as the last one, thank goodness, he was able to come through and tell us he didnt feel right, but still very worrying that night time hpos have started up again.

His bloods are either very high or lo, which is not doing his moods any favours, he swinging from being very angry to emotional then to normal, so hard getting the right balance right.

There was a competition listed yesteday on a forum that posts comps etc it was from accu-check so obviously aimed at diabetics, only to see people were faking diabetes just to enter, which is actually quite sick when you think about it, its only people who are living with diabetes etc know exactly what its like and its nothing to joke about! i got quite upset at some of the comments, like oh its only a comp blah blah, the main prize was holiday vouchers and runner up prizes were frio wallets which keeps insulin cool etc, this would come in handy here if we were having trips away from home.

But wont go on about that, said my piece and i will leave it at that!

Weigh day yesterday and have sts( for those that dont know what that means, means i have stayed the same weight) which is ok i guess, least i havent put on, but would have been nice to have lost some more, always next week though.

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