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21 August

Posted Sep 07 2008 8:38pm
Not such a great day with aaron today, he was ok when he got up this morning but as he was getting ready to go out the door down to school he starts arguing with callum and me! said that callum had his right shoe and to give it back, they both have the same kind of shoes and are the same size, so how he came to the conclusion that it was his shoe, is beyond me!

So lots of bickering on the way to school, its like dealing with a mini adult the way aaron behaves at times, answers back loads and is just a very cheeky boy!just as well i am so patient lol

Then when i went to check his blood etc at lunchtime, found he was 23, again no obvious reason for it being that hi, ketones were 0.0 so not a clue here.

Then round about 4.30 he dropped to 1.9, he just came to check his blood, not looking hypo at all and as soon as he sees the result he starts showing symptons etc so sorted him out and as it was tea anyway gave him an extra slice of bread.

Going to have to get all his results down for the last few days and make a call to his diabetic nurse and see whats going on, more hypos and at more lower levels than normal and quite a few highs, so something isnt right with his regime, only difference has been he has had his daytime insulin increased by a 1/2 unit.

Never a dull moment!

Anyway exercise for me today has been 3 walks in the pouring rain, and i mean pouring! hasnt stopped raining all day, ugh


breakfast - cereal/milk

lunch - ham sandwich

tea - macaroni cheese and a slice of bread

snack - yoghurt

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