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I'm a 25 years old male and medical doctor.  I live in Indonesia and working as a rig doctor.  Though have a medical background, I do not have much interest in writing something that is too "medicine".  Yet health is still my concern, and I do promote a healthy ways... Full Bio
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Quit smoking resolution…here we go

OK, just as I promised in my earlier post " quit smoking by christmast will you be the one?"  Today I will continue to the next step of quitting...

Smoking stages, the story..(part 1)

I’ve stated about the smoking stages and give a little explanation on each stages in my earlier post.  Now I would like to explain it in a...

Shoes thrown over US president

Breaking news everyone! DO you believe it, W.Bush was thrown with a pair of shoes by an iraqi local reporters.  Although none of the shoes are...

Interesting anti-smoking ads

I found some interesting ads regarding quit smoking in the web.  Have a look and tell me what you think about it.   "smoking or breathing,...

What contained in a cigarette

Just for reminder about the chemicals contained within a cigarette.  Take a careful look to every chemicals shown in the picture.  You’ll see...
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