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Rainsville, Alabama
Im 47 years old and have Non- Specific usaual interstitiual P,diease, have two boys my oldest is married with a one month baby girl, im at home disabled, used to drive for ups when I got sick. Hope to find some one here with what I have, and I am going in december to talk to my lung doctor about having a Scoop done, hoping also to talk to some one who has had this done. Thats it, I go to church, sing with my family on the weekends, and stay on this pc most of the day on face book
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Scoop Trach

Has anyone had a Scoop Trach done? Iam going in December to meet with my Lung Dr, just wondering if anyone who has had this done would talk to me

Is there anyone who has had a scoop tto done?

Is there any bodt out there who has a scoop tto done? I'm about to look into getting this done, any would love to talk to somone about it

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Oct 30 2009 by Dewayne
still wanting to hear from some one who has had the Scoop Trak done {spelling is wrong I know}

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