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Eating too much sugar causes candida

Posted Apr 10 2008 6:55pm 2 Comments
I grew up eating Ding Dongs, Twinkies, Little Debie cakes and more. I would come home from school and my mom would let me have one of these as an afternon snack! I had more after dinner. As an adult I kept eating desserts. A lot of them, and very unhealthy ones that were full of corn syrup, hydrogenated oils and lots of calories. I developed candida, which is a yeast overgrowth. This was due to eating too much sugar. It caused me to have headaches, afternoon fatigue, be moddy, and foggy in my thinking. I found a detox tea called Fire Tree bark. I got this from my local hebalist. I also found it from an on line herb company. It is hard to come by but only costs $19 per bag. It really works and gets rid of the yeast. It also helps the physical cravings for sugar to go away, but not the emotional cravings. That is a whole other problem.
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Christy, I couldn't agree more that too much refined sugar in the diet is not good for you, and that the highly processed, saturated-fat containing, overly sweetened snacks and desserts are both fattening and bad for you!

I'm not sure that I can agree that eating too much sugar causes Candida, though. Some people are more susceptible to it, regardless of how much refined sugar they eat. One thing that does increase your chance of getting it is if your blood sugar is too high, but that only happens if you have diabetes. If you are not diabetic, eating lots of sugar should not lead to a higher chance of getting Candida -- but it may make you fat, and less healthy!

Good luck on managing those cravings.

Hi Geoffrey. I agree with most of what you wrote, but I want to let you know that candida is caused from eating too much sugar. It can be caused from other things too, such as too many antibitics in the system over a period of time, or eating too many white carbs that are not of the whole grain type. I have never had diabetes, but I did have candida. Actually, most americans have it and do not even know it or know what it is. Doctors do not even bother testing for it. They prefer giving out anti-depressants or some other drug to cover up the real problem. I have had many live blood analysis and I got to be ther right when it was being analyzed. I saw the candida spores. I also saw my blood after it was cleared up. Candida is real and it happens to anyone, not just diabetics or people with high blood sugar levels.
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