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15 Ways To Become The Happy Lawyer You Were Meant To Be by Dan Lukasik This blog gives 15 suggestions to reduce stress and increase happiness without leaving the profession altogether.   Read the Blog Read on »
Three Important Questions About Lawyers, Emotional Intelligence, Professionalism, and Continuing... by Dan Lukasik This blog addresses the important topics of emotion and emotional intelligence in the practice of law.   Read the Blog Read on »
A Qualitative Examination of Self-Care in Lawyers by Dan Lukasik It may seem obvious that self-care is important for well-being and success in life.  However, self-care is not always practiced when work, bills, and other issues come int ... Read on »
Stress Is What Makes Lawyers Act Like Lawyers by Dan Lukasik Lawyers aren’t naturally overcritical, risk-adverse people who are emotionally dead inside.  It’s stress that makes lawyers behave this way according to a survey in the AB ... Read on »
Prolonged Sitting At Work Impacts Anxiety, Depression by Dan Lukasik Employees who sit for long periods of time are at greater risk for psychological distress, according to a new study.   Read the News Read on »
Early Bed Time Helps To Reduce Negative Thoughts by Dan Lukasik New research suggest that night-owls may have trouble reducing negative thoughts, a trait that may lead to downstream mental health issues.   Read the News Read on »
I Hate My Job: The Power Of Negative Self-Talk by Dan Lukasik Therapist, Cherilynn Veland writes, “Are you hating your job right now?  Perhaps you are doing or thinking in ways that are sure to make you feel less worthy, stress you o ... Read on »
Managing Anger by Dan Lukasik Anger is a normal emotion, but when it takes control over you it can have serious consequences in your relationships and health.  Check out these insightful anger manageme ... Read on »
With Depression, The Wolf You Feed Is the Wolf That Wins by Dan Lukasik Blogger, Therese Borchard writes about a old Cherokee story and how the thoughts we feed encourage them to grow.   Read the Blog Read on »
Could Laughing Gas Be Used To Treat Severe Depression? by Dan Lukasik A new study finds that nitrous oxide, otherwise known as “laughing gas”, shows promise in alleviating severe depression that is not responding to treatment.   Read the New ... Read on »