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Why So Many People Are Stressed and Depressed by Dan Lukasik Everywhere you look, Americans are strung out and down.  What explains it?   Read the Blog Read on »
How to Find a Good Therapist by Dan Lukasik Psychologist, Deb Serani, gives her tips about how to find a good therapist.   Read the Blog Read on »
The Ongoing Dance of Depression and Recovery by Dan Lukasik Jennifer Tazzi writes, “The most recent depression held an element of ‘here we go again.’ When I am depression-free, and despite my best intentions, I’m lulled into a fals ... Read on »
Why Compassion is the Perfect Antidote for Depression by Dan Lukasik Depression sufferer/blogger Therese Borchard writes, “I’m finding the more compassion I extend to others, the kinder I become with myself.”   Read the Blog Read on »
A Necessary Conversation for JDs by Dan Lukasik Researchers from the University of Missouri-Columbia and Florida State University propose the controlling, institutional culture found in law schools has a corrosive effec ... Read on »
Warning Signs: The Dangers of Attorney Stress by Dan Lukasik How can stressed-out attorneys regroup, reprogram and rejuvenate thier personal and professional careers?   Read this Blog Read on »
Study Finds Rise in Bodily Symptoms of Depression by Dan Lukasik New research shows Americans now report more psychosomatic symptoms of depression, such as trouble sleeping and trouble concentrating, than their counterparts in the 1080s ... Read on »