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Zombie Apocalypse – the truth

Posted May 20 2011 12:00am

Now, I’m not one for scaremongering, gossip-talk, nor am I easily led, but this is too important to gloss over.

Please, remain calm and poe-faced in the midst of this, the final call to arms.  We are to be deluged by – dare I speak the Name? – ..we are to be overrun by.. by those we heretofore have mocked in mock-schlock horror films.  Dare I write the word?

Who’s got the last laugh now?  Well, nobody, technically – zombies aren’t known for enjoying a good belly laugh – but still…THEY COME….

This post is the result of me reading about this blog post from the CDC (serious, poe-faces) that crashed the servers, which you can check out on the link below

So the doctor tries a little levity and as The Associated Press reports:

Zombie apocalypse.” That blog posting headline is all it took for a behind-the-scenes public health doctor to set off an Internet frenzy over tired old advice about keeping water and flashlights on hand in case of a hurricane.

What followed was an astounding increase in hits to the CDC website, with servers crashing or near breaking point.  A couple of comments following this internet storm are of note.  The first, from the article reporting the internet ‘frenzy’:

Above the post is a photo of what appears to be a dirty-fingered female zombie

Wow!!  She appears to have dirty fingernails??  Really?  Not, ‘CDC public health doctor pastes zombie picture above public information blog post’.  The appearance of dirty fingernails in a zombie is surely more noteworthy than the mere fact that the subject is of zombie descent to begin with.

Moving along:

We have a critical message to get out and that is CDC saves lives while saving money. If it takes zombies to help us get that message out, then so be it,” said agency spokesman Tom Skinner

Well, I don’t think there’s anything more to add is there?  I can confirm, having clicked on the link I provide you with in this blog post, that the picture posted does indeed appear to depict a dirty-fingernailed, female zombie.

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