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Writing Exercises - For Practice Or Distraction From Anxiety/Depression

Posted Oct 31 2008 9:13am
  • Write someone a letter (not necessarily for sending)
  • Describe a place
  • Describe a feeling
  • Write an erotic story
  • Find and enter a writing competition
  • Write about a memory, any one
  • List words you don't know the meaning of, look them up, then use one in the first line of a poem or piece of writing
  • Write an article about a subject for someone who knows nothing about it
  • Write a satirical news story
  • Find a funny cartoon or picture and turn it into a written joke / story
  • Learn how to write something short in another language (like 'I love you' or 'Thanks for all the fish', etc)
  • Write about a place on earth you've never been as if you've been there (use your imagination!)
  • Pick 2 totally unrelated people from your life and write a short story about them doing something (make it as ridiculous as possible, like your dad and your old kindergarten teacher taking line dancing lessons in Alaska...)
  • Write words the way they sound (rite wurdz tha way thay sownd)
 More to come....
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