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Where is most compassionate treatment?

Posted by JulieC3

I'm looking for a residential-type treatment setting, that's long-term (and that allows pets..I won't give up my 2 indoor cats).  I am ignored by my family, except when they need something from me.  I need to leave this negative environment of living in the parents' place before I 'decline' any further.  Nothing available here in Buffalo, NY, and besides, I feel much better in a warmer, sunnier climate anyway.

I've been on disability since the end of 2000; used to be a software consultant, but one day, my brain just burned out.  Since then, chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia have set in.  I am in serious need of a supportive (on a daily basis) setting...very serious.

I would appreciate ANY suggestions at this point, if anyone has had a similar experience, and has had success finding compassionate people.  Thanks. 



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