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What *not* to say to someone with depression

Posted Sep 01 2008 7:12pm

warning: rant

1. “Look at all the good things you have in your life”

When someone is in the “pit”, he/she can’t see anything but the darkness that engulfs him/her.

2. “When you got back from the (therapist, hospital, doctor), did they figure out what triggered your depression?”

Gee… since depression is a mental illness it’s kind of hard to pinpoint what triggers it. How about I ask you what caused you to be so stupid?

3. “I don’t know what to say….”

Well… that I can accept. But it still hurts, especially when you think you’re talking to someone who cares.

4. “You shouldn’t be depressed. There are people who have it worse than you.”

Really? Thanks for validating my feelings. (eyeroll).

5. “How can someone like you be depressed?”

Depressed is a feeling. Depression is an illness.

ETA: 6. “It will get better… really, it will.”

Really? Do you have that in a guarantee? You can see the future?

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