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What Is The Best Flight Simulation Games

Posted Jun 11 2010 12:06pm

Top Flight Simulation Games

There are a number of flight simulation games out on the market ranging from absolutely terrible to unbelievable and one of the flight simulators in the latter category is Flight Pro Sim. When it comes to flight software it boils down to three main categories which are number of aircrafts included, the realism of the software and the quality of the scenery program. In this article I am going to show you why Flight Pro Sim is considered to be a top flight simulation game

Everyone wants a flight simulation game that comes with a ton of aircraft to experiment with and fly across the world but it should be noted that not all flight software is what it appears to be. There are a number of flight simulators out there that include a hundred aircraft but they all fly exactly the same. Now I do not know about you but if I have spent hard earned money I want each aircraft to fly like the real thing so I know when I am flying a small passenger plane or a multimillion dollar military aircraft. Flight Pro Sim comes with over a hundred aircraft each with their own unique feel and flying capabilities.

The first category of course leads into the second criteria which is the realism of the flight simulation program but along with the feel of individual aircraft the program must take into other conditions such as the wind and the weather. If you are flying through turbelence than the flight simulator should be responding as such as well as the impact a strong wind will have on your flight path. It is essential that the overall package feels as real as possible to provide the most bang for your buck and ensuring a high level of playability and enjoyment with the software. Flight Pro Sim goes well beyond what is considered to be an acceptable level of realism and truly raises the bar.

A scenery package or graphic program needs to add to the overall experience and not take away from it. No one is going to continue to use a flight simulation game if no matter where they fly the scenery is exactly the same. If I want to fly to Paris I want to be rewarded with scenery that matches the actual landscape and not some common town. With the help of military maps the scenery program with Flight Pro Sim is top notch and completely adds to the overall package.

If you are looking for a top flight simulation game than you need to take a very close look at Flight Pro Sim as it has everything that someone is looking for in a particular flight simulator and so much more. Flight Pro Sim allows you to fly over a hundred different aircraft, travel across the world with scenery to match the location and realism that needs to be experienced to completely see the power of this flight simulation game and why it is considered to be at the top of the list.

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