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What I miss about this blog.

Posted Aug 23 2012 12:52am

Once every few months I log back in and stare quietly at this space. I see how people come back every day and look at this website, almost half a year full of silence bulging on the screen, yet people still dawdle by.

I adore how one of the biggest search terms when looking for my blog is ‘Thigh Gap.’ Because I wrote post on thigh gaps . I did it for myself, I won’t lie; I was a selfish little bastard. I was filled to the brim with despair and shame over my thighs, and mulling over how models, celebrities and actresses (who, I might remind you, weigh less than 95 percent of the population) always seemed to just flash these gaps to the world. I posted a huge bucket of pictures of beautiful women who didn’t possess this apparently-all-mighty-air-channel, and I wrote a post that basically was a mental cocktail of pick-me-ups.

Then, I realized that after I posted it, people who searched ‘thigh gaps’ or ‘how to get a thigh gap’ or ‘miranda kerr’ or ‘perfect thighs’ would come across my post.

This might come across as quite mediocre. But to me, I felt completely chuffed. When people searched for thinspiration, they unknowingly were re-directed to self-help. They couldn’t even help it. I was forcing it upon them. I was actually forcing good body image upon a meagre percent of the population.

I often think of coming back and re-trying this blog.

I have so much to say,

But would anybody want to listen?

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