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Welcome to the circus, can I get you a barking guard dog?

Posted Sep 22 2008 10:10am
How many times can one sigh before one hyperventilates?
Have just endured 30 minutes of banging, drumming and knocking on my house walls and door by a bunch of ignorant, bored, laughing, stupid, f*cked up kids looking for a reaction.
Geez, get a life. But if that's the way you get your kicks, well, good for you. Sad, really.
I wasn't scared this time, just bloody annoyed.
I really love this house, and I really love living on my own.
I just wish it didn't have to be here...
I guess I'll get used to it. When they realise they aren't going to get a reaction, they'll go away, hopefully.
I don't even think this is a particularly bad neighborhood. Well, not really bad, anyway. There are lots of old people here, and I'm sure the majority are ok.
But there are just a few dropkicks - and because of the intensity of their dropkickedness, give the whole place a bad name.
I hope that's true. It's what I want to believe.
I'm trying not to judge, or fall into 'one or all' thinking, but it's hard.
I finally got my internet working again.
I'm SO clever.
I was working on all the settings, checking the status and scheduled outages, working with my computer network connections and firewall settings, etc. Nothin'.
I was just about to call Tech Support (that pakastani guy will RUE the day he ever signed ME up!) when I looked over and realised the phone cord had come out of the socket.
I'm SO technologically gifted, don't you think?
(After all, it ONLY took me 2 and a half days to figure it out..... that's got to be a record or something, right?)
Oh dear, I'm hyperventilating!
All my bread has gone mouldy. Honestly, why don't they make it last longer? Like, chuck some more preservatives in. What the hell, we're already preserved to the hilt! 
It's okay, I can live without bread for a few days. I still have crumpets........ oh.
Spose I'd better give you some photos, hey?
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