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Wanting to Be Alone

Posted Jun 25 2013 9:08pm

This post may or may not be a little triggering and it is 100% true and real. It might not be for everyone.

I struggle with wanting attention from men. When someone pays attention to me in a intimate type of way, it freaks me out. I struggle with the fact that I do not want any attention and honestly, deep down inside I want to be alone for the rest of my life. I want to be invisible and it is holding me back from finding someone and losing weight because fat=invisibility. It is kind of a paradox. I take up more room but yet, no one really sees me.

I am told that I am a good person and would be a good catch (if it was not for my weight) but I don't want to be.

How does one get past this besides a ton of therapy? 

This has been the problem when I lost weight before. I hated the attention. How to get over this? Baby steps? 
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