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Unsolicited Advice and Self Care

Posted Dec 03 2012 8:57pm

There is something about me that inspires people to offer unsolicited advice, whether needed or not….

Today I heard that if I would just lose weight, all of my problems would be solved and I would be “so pretty”.

I wish it would be true but it is not.

I have learned after losing and gaining a 100 pounds several time, I still was depressed and hated myself. I need to get help for my problems now or else I am doomed to go on that roller coaster ride of weight loss again and again. My life is basically the same no matter what my weight. I am the same person. It might be better for my body but it is not the cure all.

My goal is to make the best decisions I can and to know that when I eat well, I feel better. I have been feeling very run down and setting self-care goals will hopefully help me feel better. I read about today on Weightless on Psych Central

My self care goals for December:

  • With the holidays, I see myself skipping meals and binging when I can because I am so starving. Taking time to have 3 meals a day.
  • Relax – it can be hard in December
  • Wear make up. I feel better when I do.

What are some goals you can have this month?

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