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Tinnitus - Natural Treatment for Tinnitus

Posted Dec 21 2011 5:23am


The best way to treat tinnitus is to treat it naturally. In order to find out a natural tinnitus treatment, it’s important to understand what causes tinnitus. Tinnitus is caused when a particular frequency range in the cochlea is damaged and no longer sends information to the brain. This may seem strange at first as tinnitus is caused by the brain NOT receiving signals rather than receiving too many. To explain this, we need to understand one more piece of the puzzle of hearing: what do you hear when you hear nothing? Your brain is actually hearing a steady state of sounds, however soft, at every frequency simultaneously. Your brain tells you that you hear sounds only when it detects a pattern in the consistent noise it’s receiving. So, when you stop receiving signals from a particular frequency, it can no longer detect any patterns so you will at first hear nothing at that frequency. If you don’t hear anything at a particular frequency at first, why do you eventually hear too much at that frequency?

According to Tinnitus specialists at, a person’s brain is incredible and is very, very good at reusing space. For example, if you are blind your brain will often convert the areas traditionally used for image processing to instead process extra audio, smell, and taste sensations. In the case of tinnitus, your brain quickly recognizes that you no longer have a use for the space reserved for the frequencies that are damaged in your cochlea, so it reuses the space for other frequencies. The frequencies near the damaged frequencies are given extra processing power. So they become better at detecting patterns and also tend to spontaneously fire more often. Unfortunately, that means they detect sounds much more regularly than other frequencies are detected, prompting the brain to create ringing or tinnitus.

For a natural treatment for tinnitus to work, a Tinnitus specialist would have to address this activity in the brain. There are many natural treatments for Tinnitus such as medicine however it has been found that customized sound therapy reduces the activity in the brain.

Sound therapy is a very effective natural treatment for tinnitus. Currently it is the best method of treating tinnitus because it is focused on treatment at the core in the brain. The only way to stimulate the brain is to do it using sound. Medications have not been found to directly affect the hearing parts of the brain where the tinnitus is actually produced. The same is true for herbal or other so-called natural remedies which come in the form of a pill or powder.

Until a couple years ago team customized sound therapy for tinnitus was to visit and audiologists. This would often require buying devices that were between $3000 and $6000. With the research to ear nose and throat specialists at the University of California Irvine, we have found that customized sound and music therapy can be delivered over the web. There result of this research effort has been an effective natural tinnitus relief program which can be used by anyone around the world. The great thing about it is that the doctors made this affordable for anyone around the globe.

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