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Tinnitus - Getting To the Bottom of Tinnitus

Posted Sep 02 2011 5:26am


I had a ringing in my ears noise for about 2 months and had no idea what it was. After doing some research I realized that the bothersome ringing in ears sensation is very common and is characterized as tinnitus.

Most people are unfamiliar with Tinnitus, also referred to as ringing in the ears. Symptoms of Tinnitus are the ringing, hissing, humming and whistling sounds in the ear. This troublesome condition impacts an estimated 50 million Americans and two million among them are so debilitated by this condition that they cannot function normally.  

After going through the different types of treatment available for tinnitus, I decided on trying out tinnitus sound treatment.  Sound therapy is considered a fairly new technology that is designed to provide tinnitus relief (ringing in ears), relaxation and relief from anxiety, improve hearing and more.  As a part of the tinnitus treatment, I was placed on a six months subscription to a customized sound therapy system developed by tinnitus treatment specialists from the Irvine Medical Center in California. The customized therapy is supposed to change as my tinnitus changes and will help to ease everyday situations.  

How Custom Sound Therapy for Tinnitus works:

The tinnitus sound therapy program allows me to listen to therapeutic music on an mp3 player, computer, cd and anywhere i play music regularly. The actual sound therapy stimulates the whole ear by sending it constantly, alternating sounds that are high and low in their tone and the result is that this exercises the middle ear muscles which then stimulate the various receptor cells in the inner ear. As the ear becomes more receptive to high frequency sounds they are then passed directly towards the brain. The process is like recharging the brain using sound and releases vitality, removes tiredness and the need for excessive sleep thereby creating a more balanced relaxation.

I am about 3 weeks into my custom sound treatment and so far it has been helping to relax and have also toned down my tinnitus. I hope to be tinnitus free as many tinnitus sufferers have experienced reduction and even elimination of tinnitus after using the program for 3-6 months.

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