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Three Main Causes Of Hemorrhoids

Posted Jun 02 2010 12:30pm

By figuring out the causes of hemorrhoids we will have the information and knowledge to get rid of this problem that causes pain, irritation and bleeding. There has been a large amount of research done in the last decade and scientists have begun to figure out what causes varicose veins to swell and become hemorrhoid. In this article I will cover the three main causes of hemorrhoids and what action can be taken to find relief and prevent future breakouts.

A leading cause of hemorrhoids has to do with our diet and the amount of processed food it contains. Although processed foods are fast and convenient they contain a ton of ingredients that are impossible to spell and cause chaos in our digestive system. As the body tries to get rid of these chemicals it tends to produce a hard stool which leads to problems in the bathroom where a lot of straining takes place to pass this stool. Try to introduce fresh and organic food items to your diet and it will lead to healthier stools, a healthier digestive system and greatly reduce the chance of hemorrhoids.

With so much of the population working sitting in front of a computer it is of no surprise that the cases of hemorrhoids keeps going up. Sitting down for long periods of time causes the blood flow to slow down and the veins in our bottoms to stretch out which can lead to the creation of hemorrhoids. Try to get up at least once per hour and perform a number of simple stretches to get your blood flow moving and as an addition bonus this will go a long way to saving your back.

There are a number of hemorrhoid relief products out on the marketplace that is an actual cause of hemorrhoids . No the smelly ointments do not cause piles but at the same time they are doing nothing to help solve the real problem which is the hemorrhoid itself. These items can be helpful for very minor cases but if you are dealing with a severe hemorrhoid problem do not mask the pain and seek professional help. Listen to your body as it is telling you through pain that something is not right.

In order to cure your bottom problem it is important to learn the causes of hemorrhoids as this points to a direct treatment method. Now you need to take action by reducing the amount of processed food in your diet, engaging in stretching while at work and by listening to your body will make a difference in preventing future hemorrhoid breakouts. Thankfully holistic approaches are very quickly becoming the number one hemorrhoid treatment as it does what is natural without drugs or surgery.

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