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The power of poetry

Posted Sep 06 2013 8:23am
Poetry is often written from the heart. It can help us deal with pain and it can express joy. I encourage you to write, whether it's poetry (doesn't have to rhyme), prose, rambling nonsense, blogging, or journal writing. It's an excellent way to get out your emotions. Sometimes when we see them on paper, they're easier to deal with. If you'd like to share what you write on my blog, I'd love to hear from you.

Listed below are links to the poetry on this blog, a couple of mine and a few of my favorites
The Lake
Hiding in the Fog  
Love Sonnet XI by Pablo Neruda (my favorite poet)
Sonnet XVII by Pablo Neruda
i carry your heart with me by e e cummings

A new friend of mine from a bipolar group on Facebook writes poetry to vent her emotions, and I'd like to share them with you (she wishes to remain anonymous)
What good
I waited for your love in hope,
That ours would come again,And make me feel the things I felt,
When we were one, back then.

But time and distance have erased,
The things I wished anew,And now I find myself alone,
Though I am here with you.

What good is love, that does not touch,
What good is love, that gives you pain.What good is love,
that makes you run,And makes you lost out in the rain.

I traveled to another world,
Out far beyond the one we knew,
I thought that I could live again,And now I find I'm back with you.

But what of hearts that beat as one,
And what of passion and embrace,
Is it too much to ask of you,
To make these tears of mine erase.

What good is love, that does not touch,
What good is love, that gives you pain.
What good is love, that makes you run,
And makes you lost out in the rain.

Too painful this - to journey back,
To times of love and laughter free,
The times we lay together withA sense of you,
a sense of me.

So now, I journey on alone,
Forever wandering, in my thoughts,
And I shall ask you once again,What good is love

My silent child our precious baby,
Close to my heart I'll keep you with me.
An important job God has for you,
There is love to give, and work to do.

He needs an angel
strong but small,
To shine light on many
and give love to all.
Before you go I give you this,
half my heart and one last kiss.

We'll miss you dearly
that we know,
But by God you were
chosen,So to heaven,
you must go

Never said goodbye
Saying goodbye is never easyIt's the hardest thing to do
But what hurts even more
Is not the chance to say it to you.

Yesterday is just a memory
Our laughter was sunny and bright
Then clouds started to gather
For you were no where in sight.

You were my first real true friend
And this I will never forget
How you left without a warning
No good-byes, my only regret.

Wherever I may be now
Always searching for another so true
To place my world of emotion
Handing my love to someone like you.

If again I must go there
And experience all the pain
I would do it in a minute
For all the good I would gain.

No matter what my wrongs
You offered only love
Until the day you left me
For your new home up above.

I know you still are with me
Your love is within my heart
Though life is no longer present
Our souls will never part.

This is given to you in honor
Of all that we did share
I just wanted you to know steph ,How much I really did care.

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